About Us

Pleasure Press Publishing Specializes In Romantic and Erotic Stories of Life Love Sensuality and Lust. 

Tasteful, Meaningful, Thoughtful and FUN!

Our Primary Purpose is to Support Writers in Becoming Successful Published Authors.

The World of Traditional Publishing has been turned upside down.  The Times demand that the antiquated process that demanded an author search and be accepted by an agent, submit their work to an editor only to wait intolerable lengths of time to be rejected or ignored are being replaced with Independent Presses like US.   We  offer encouragement,  and specific full service guidance in the brave new world of digital eBooks as well as “hold it in your hand” published books.

Why Us?  We take you through the entire process and provide a full menu of options for all your writing/editing/distribution and promotional needs.  We get you and your work UP and OUT there in a timely manner and at a an attractive price.

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