Why Another Publisher?


Developments in the publishing industry have revolutionized not only the way books are published, but also the way authors and independent publishers operate.

Traditionally, authors have been at the mercy of big publishing houses in New York.  It could take years to write a book  Then it was necessary to find an agent, if you could, to represent you and shop your book to a publisher.  Then came the inevitable landing in the so-called slush pile on an editor’s desk to be ignored for months or years, only to be rejected.  If an author did win a contract with a publisher, they would give up their copy write and licensing, hope for an attractive advance, plan a budget for promotion and earn pennies on the dollar.

All that has changed with digital and print on demand options, plus huge distribution networks like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook and others.  The eBook revolution is upon us!  It is still as important as ever to create excellent content, insist on impeccable editing and choose attractive cover design and formatting.  What has radically changed is the time it takes from being ready to publish to point of sale.  Distribution is worldwide and big bookstore chains are falling by the wayside.

Is here to assist our creative Romance and Erotica authors to produce quality books and get them into the hands of readers in a timely and affordable manner.   Authors now need their own author website, social networking strategy, search engine optimization and other systems in place for the ultimate success of their work.  We offer a non-exclusive contract so our authors retain the copy write and licensing of their work.  In short, we exist to assist in every way possible for the rich rewards our authors deserve, both critically and with higher royalties than ever before in the publishing world.


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